Hi Alex,

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Bill Ward

Hi Alex,

The radiants are quite close. I’ve had another look at the various videos. I’ve only got the tail of Q1 in the wide field. But I caught it on two of the spectro systems. (a 300 g/mm and a 600g/mm) I’m tempted to say it “looks” a touch faster than the others.

Q1 looks very like the fireball spectrum in the other thread.  In Q2, Q3 and Q4 the only really prominent atmospheric line is at 777.4nm, the others from O and N are very weak unlike Q1.  Since these are taken to be atmospheric this might suggest a less “energetic” entry as, that is perhaps a lower velocity for the 3.

Maybe its a case of just actually believing what we see. Q1 looks significantly different to Q2, Q3 and Q4 so it probably is. Whether it is indeed a sporadic imposter or a daD, that’s another question!

Oh well if it’s not a Quadrantid, and maybe not even a daD then my tweets were all nonsense (but nothing new there then)

It better be clear next year so I can check!