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Bill Ward

Hi All,

Been getting some interesting results recently but the other night I got a spectrum on 3 cameras of the same meteor! Only two were useable and even these were quite noisy. Meteor was maybe mag 0 – -1. (This might be more properly placed on the “Fading meteor” thread but as its about spectra… 😉 )

HOWEVER, this (or these) are the first spectrum I’ve got from a “melting” meteor. This one, like to others just faded out.

The graphs are very similar (as one would expect) but a few differences creep in from different resolution and processing artifacts.

The first graph is from a system with a 830l/mm grating.

…and this from a 600l/mm grating.

Careful review of the video reveals many of the lines are real but it is interetsing to note a large fraction are artifacts. I don’t know if the spectrum actually tell us anything new yet, but it’s a step on the way.

Need to graph the light curve now for the other forum thread…