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Bill Ward

Hi All,

On the night of the peak my various camera/spectro systems recorded 482 meteor and 49 spectra (note, not all Perseids.)

Caught some very good Perseid spectra and am in the process of working through them. Here is first Perseid of the night.

Very strong signature from ionised calcium in the UV. The instrument corrected version “compresses” the other lines to such an extent I’ve just gone with the raw un-corrected spectrum in the graph. But this looks like a nice typical Perseid. Strong 557.7nm from the forbidden O line as usual in the video (not in the graph as it faded at the point I did the line scan) and ionised silicon double at ~635.9nm

Once I’ve got a couple more it’ll be interesting to compare these to previous years.

However, looking past the spectacle of the Perseids, THIS is the interesting one! (I think I’ve said elsewhere the most interesting things will be found in the sporadic population…)

I’ve now caught several with almost identical characteristics. Very slow, no IR lines at all and strong sodium line. (Take a look at Michaels’ post sporadic 3rd May. )