Hi all

Kevin Gurney

Hi all

I have now used my Lhires with the ‘engineered shim, guiding mod’ (aka washer for tilting the mirror). My guide image looks a bit more like Andy’s second image above – prior to that it looked a bit like the first… Its now much easier to guide. I use slit guiding in Prism.

I can vouch for the light leakage problem (ingress not exit). This isnt a problem I guess, unless you try and do some of the daylight solar experiments they suggest (that’s how I first discovered it). I have now used judicially applied electrical tape (reduced but not eliminated light entry entirley). There might be a problem if you had excessive glare from a laptop similar?

I also managed to get  something ‘out of the box’. But I am finding going past the mag 4.5(ish) barrier is not trivial… The SNR goes down appreciably, but I am hoping the easier guiding will help here.

I think the Lhires is an early design and was made as a kit. It has this feel about it, whereas the Alpy is built like a tank…

I would also be up for a weekend on this topic. I will be at the meeting on 29th.