Hi Andy,

David Salmon

Hi Andy,

I’d definitiely be interested in the workshop.

Regarding Birmingham as a potential location, does anyone have contacts at either of the Universities (Aston, Birmingham) who might sponsor use of a venue and avoid the commercial conference rates ? Both are easily accesible from the centre (Aston is a short walk and Birmingham a couple of hops away by local train with a very frequent service) and I’ve been to both a few times in the last year or two in work contexts. Birmingham also has a new conference Hotel with accomodation on the edge of the campus for those who might need it.

Failing that, would there be a local Astronomy society that might help ? Birmingham Astro seems to meet at Aston if I interpret their web site correctly (and if it’s still current.)

I have contacts at Birmingham in the Research IT/HPC area, but not in Physics/Astronomy..

I’m aiming to be at the AGM later today and happy to discuss further.