Hi Eric,

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Bill Ward

Hi Eric,

LOL, Exactly! I had just returned to Uni when it came out. My first copy, which was the hardback version, fell to pieces I used it so much. Currently have a paperback copy and also not for sale ; – ))

Indeed, this one seems to cover the more modern digital side of things but a lot of it seems to be optics and personal profiles which I’m not so into, got far too many books on optics and telescope design!!!

It’s looks like and updated take on  the Solar Astronomy Handbook by Beck, Hilbrecht,  Reinsch and Volker (Willamann Bell 1995). Also excellent but with the sad demise of Willmann Bell probably only available second hand, although some dealers may have a new copy or two…

I think I’ll give this one a miss at the moment but I think I’ll go and have a wee peek, suitably filtered of course, at the sun this afternoon while the sky is clear(ish)