Hi Nick,

Maxim Usatov

Hi Nick,

Fortunately no additional setting are required – I wanted to keep the program with as little settings as possible to avoid overcomplicating it. Looks like the PSFs are sharper in your image than from the telescopes I typically use, so try setting Lower Bound for Sharpness to 0.2 and redoing photometry. It detects most of the sources in your image this way. If you want to go a little deeper, lower the Star Detection Threshold from 10 to, say, 5 sigmas. This detects pretty much all the sources down to SNR < 1, except for a faint extended source under and to the left of the galaxy.

I will next add a feature to save settings so you wouldn’t have to manually adjust things each time. I think it would be beneficial for user to save their settings once and reuse them.

Please let me know if it works.