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Nick James

Hi Sheridan,

I think there is certainly a debate to be had and you can make the case that mentioning the use of calibration frames can be offputting to beginners.  As I said, I haven’t seen the book that was the subject of David’s review,  but I have seen Graham’s website here and that appears to go much further in that it says: “This page explains why they are not important – unless you wish to do photometry” and “We have seen that bias frames are absolutely not needed for DSLR work”. I think that is plain wrong, particularly if you live in areas of the country, as many of us do, where the sky is reasonably bright.

By all means tell beginners that they don’t need to use cal frames when they start but don’t dismiss the process entirely. If those beginners are using high-end DSLRs they will ultimately want to get the best out of their equipment and good calibration is required to do that. It really isn’t that hard if explained clearly.

Whenever you publish anything on a subject where there are a range of opinions you need to be ready to take criticism and respond appropriately. Such is life!