Hi William,

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Bill Ward

Hi William,

I genuinely cannot believe what is possible now, even a year ago I never imagined I’d be getting such results. The group in the 2005 paper were using image intensifiers and other bits of technology. Now it’s just straight out of the box!

Alex made the point well, once we finally get some mutual orbital data for a good sample size we’re into new territory.
I’ve had no feedback from the “Lens man” yet but if I get a couple of these fast lenses I’ll have sufficient to kit out all the cameras with a fast lens and decent grating. Computing problems are the next issue to be addressed. Need to have a chat with my IT guru’s.

With a couple of teasers last year I’m planning on have two south point cameras this year during the Lyrids. weather permitting. The moons situation is good so that’s the plan.