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Robin Leadbeater

Though it does not mean I am right !.  “Solar eclipses” appear to be a special case and should really be called transits or occultations

For me an eclipse involves observing the shadow in the light from a luminous body cast by one body on another body eg as observed from earth between Jupiter and its moons. The observer may be on the body which casts the shadow eg a lunar eclipse. A “solar eclipse” (total or partial) as observed on earth is an occultation or transit and is only an eclipse when observed from a location not on the earth eg from the moon or the ISS when even a “total eclipse” appears partial


EDIT: I suppose you could call observing the shadow of the moon racing across the landscape  towards you or even noting the darkness of the ground at your feet during a “Total Solar Eclipse” observing an eclipse but for me the sight of the moon in front of the sun is definitely an occultation