I have updated the light

Jeremy Shears

I have updated the light curve of this star today and it is available on the VSS website.

In the 3 months of the campaign we have caught 11 of its small outbursts. There is a suggestion that they are stunted outbursts, similar to those seen in some novalike cataclysmic variables, including UU Aqr, in which only a part of the accretion disc goes into outburst.

There is also a curious larger-than-normal fade around JD 2458520 (this was present in data from several observers).

Many thanks to all out observers, the list of which has been growing steadily: Richard Sabo, Ken Menzies, Gary Poyner, David Boyd, Dave Smith, Ian Miller, David Storey, Sjoerd Dufoer, Martin Mobberley, James Boardman, George Fleming, Mel Joslin, William Kautter, Erik Schwendeman, Tamas Tordai and Mario Morales Aimar. Your data have provided a well-sample light curve which I am sure will yield useful results!

The campaign was intended to last 3 months until the end of 2019 Feb, i.e. today. Thus will the campaign is officially ended, observations would also be appreciated after this time. Since this is a circumpolar object and continues to be well positioned for most northern observers. We would like one (or a few) observations per night to define the overall outburst light curve and whether there is a quiescence period between outbursts. In the meantime I will analyse the data received to date.

A summary of what is known about the star and about the campaign is presented in the March edition of the BAA Variable Star Section Circular (page 15) which was issued today.