I have visited Pic du Midi,

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Graeme Coates

I have visited Pic du Midi, but I took the hard route and went up there by bike! (The Col du Tourmalet is a classic Tour and Vuelta climb :-).

You’ll need to get the bus to La Mongie to visit, as this is where the cable car goes from. I think (in normal times) there is a bus from Lourdes or Tarbes to La Mongie, which may suit you as both have SNCF stations. There was talk in summer 2020 about the French Government reintroducing the Paris-Tarbes sleeper service, but this might not happen quite yet, and there is (again in normal times) still the Paris-Toulouse sleeper, and Toulouse-Tarbes/Lourdes via train is a couple of hours.

There is also the Cité de l’Espace in Toulouse which I can recommend as well.