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Dr Paul Leyland

I took 100 minutes of unfiltered 30s images in the wee hours of 2020-01-20, though the SNR is so low that to get adequate SNR they will probably have to be co-added a few at a time. Another run took place on 2020-01-04. They, as well as some precision photometry in Johnson V and Sloan r´, still need to be processed. Perhaps this data is too early for the INT run; I will try to take some more in the next few weeks.

A question arises from our earlier discussion in the forum about the use of non-standard sequences for VS observations to be submitted to the BAA-VSS database. There is no standard sequence for unfiltered data. Advice would be welcome, whether here, in the original thread, or off-line via email. Another case without any standard sequence concerns the observations of AT 2019xim reported on my members page.  I have specifically withheld submission of the results for this reason.