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Bill Leatherbarrow

Hi Garion, 

As I mentioned in my earlier e-mail to you, a good map is an essential starting point. Nick mentions the BAA map, which is fine and can be bought from the BAA shop, but it has south up which might confuse you. The Philips map I suggested has north up. I also sent you a link to the ‘Dial a Moon’ website, and the 2019 version is now available alongside the 2018. If you key in the dates and time of your images it will identify craters near the terminator.

The images you posted show large areas of the Moon and it is not clear which features you are trying to identity. I can tell you that the large crater on the terminator in your first post image is Gassendi and the large crater to the left in your sixth image is Posidonius.

Hope this helps. Contact me directly if you need further advice on Dial a Moon.