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My list of inspiring astronomy books has something in common with Denis Buczyinski’s.
Also, like Graham Winstanley, I spent far too long in the Picton & Brown Libraries in Liverpool browsing the astronomy and science section!

The Starry Heavens                            Ellison Hawks    1950
Suns, Myths and Men                         Patrick Moore    1954
The Boy’s Book of Astronomy             Patrick Moore    1959
The Amateur Astronomer                    Patrick Moore    1959
Norton’s Star Atlas                              Norton & Inglis   1959
Larousse Encyclopedia of Astronomy    L Rudeaux & G de Vaulcouleurs    1962
Making & Using a Telescope              H P Wilkins & Patrick Moore    1956
The Sun and the Amateur Astronomer    W M Baxter    1963
Radio Astronomy for Amateurs           Frank Hyde        1963
Survey of the Moon                             Patrick Moore    1963
etc, etc…