Installing HOPS into an existing Anaconda/py3 environment

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Gordon Dennis

My attempts got almost to the end, but running windows_installer.cmd failed to  install HOPS.
I’ve read ARIEL Space Mission V6.1.pdf Appendix A in detail and I think that installing py3 from scratch via the Anaconda distribution portal as described therein would likely do the trick.  

However, I’m going to tread very carefully around this because at the moment I have a good and stable Anaconda/py3 installation and I obviously don’t want to upset it.  I have several libraries installed (e.g. astropy) and don’t really want to re-install everything if I can possibly avoid doing so.
My conjecture as to a clue to the root of the problem is here in Fig A1.15.

I don’t recall seeing this dialog as it’s about 18 months since I installed py3, but assuming I did see it, I suspect that I would not have checked the first tick box – the warning in red is rather dire.

If I am correct, the question is then: “is there a way of doing this RETROSPECTIVELY over an EXISTING Anaconda installation?”

Obviously, this is the sort of thing where if you input one character out of place, the whole environment could become U/S.

BTW, the problem I have is definitely not concerned with space characters in file names:


Any assistance most gratefully appreciated.