Interesting challenge

Daryl Dobbs

I’ve got a Skywatcher 90mm refractor I use for white light observation of the Sun with a Seymour solar filter or a Lacerta Herschel wedge, I do tend to use the Herschel wedge more than the Seymour filter. It’s mounted on a EQ5 with a Synscan upgrade so I’ll use that to align it with the pole and get it to find Venus without the Sun getting in the way. Clear-ish this morning so I hope the clouds stay away next week.

The position Venus will be in did pose a problem when I did a dry run this morning, the EQ5 upgrade wasn’t carried out by me, it was there when I bought the mount. The RA axis has a black plastic block as part of the upgrade which at certain positions hit’s another block on the Dec axis. You can guess what happened so I had to do a meridian flip to avoid the blocks, I think further preparation is required.