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Dr Andrew Smith

Yes it does, I use them to create lists of frames then act on the list. For example if I have a set of images HD123_1,HD123_2 etc. Then 

files HD123* > l_HD123     #create a file l_HD123 with all the images in it.

imcombine @l_HD123 HD123  combine=median  #median combines all the images in the list into a new image HD123

The format of the commands is standard task input output parameters.

You can also use wild cards inline but I have not done so.

I attach my calibration script which would have a .cl extension in IRAF. I have changed it to .doc to upload. Open it in Notepad. Note that I am not using darks at the moment so just bias subtraction. I will add scaled darks to the script.

Regards Andrew