January superoutburst approaches

Forums Variable Stars IX Dra: observations requested January superoutburst approaches

Stewart John Bean

The next superoutburst is expected in the first half of January.

IX Dra is now quite a difficult object for the USA based AAVSOnet telescopes that I have been able to use so far, although a couple of AAVSO observers ( Sweden and Virginia, USA) do seem to have reasonable northerly aspects and continue to report. AAVSOnet SRO Arizona is out of service at this time with a failed camera.

UK observers benefit from their higher latitude compared to the USA, but IX Dra  has a very low elevation at this time of year.

If anyone can help for the period from Jan 1st to Jan 15th to capture the start of the superoutburst it would be appreciated. The most likely date for the start is in the middle of the window above – with the usual uncertainties.