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Tony Rodda

I contacted Dr Mario Motta and received all the reports, etc he referenced at the BAA meeting.

I asked for them because when I returned from the Warwick sessions and asked Northumberland County Council what they’d deployed (under a Freedom of Information Request) they said “5700K for streets and 4000K for the (Dark Skies) National Park”.

I have four 5700K lights each within 25 yards of my house.  Whilst there is less scatter than the old sodium lights, these are the worst offenders for suppressing melatonin and disruption of the Circadian rhythm.   There is real concern from the National Park management.

I’m preparing a briefing from the five papers received from Dr Motta to send to the NCC, the local NHS and National Trust.   And, if necessary, the local news programmes.

If anyone wants the reports please contact me.