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Looking at all the categories there is an excellent mix of images, with most categories containing plenty of examples of peoples work. The only categories without any observations yet are Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Exoplanets.

I once attempted to image both Uranus and Neptune one very still night, but they were so low and I think my SCT hadn’t cooled down sufficiently and so the resulting images were awful; Uranus was a yellow-green flared blob, and Neptune just looked like a swollen star with a blue hue. I am always amazed [and envious] when I see the images Damian Peach and others capture of these outer solar system giants. As for Pluto, it is on my bucket list of targets to try – again I love to see the time lapse images people take which shows a faint white object moving amongst the stars over the course of a few nights… I imagine how Clyde Tombaugh must have felt when he saw something similar on his blink comparator!

As for exoplanets, they are far beyond me.