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Alex Pratt

Hi Sheridan,

I am very sorry to hear that Graham has left the Association. He contributed a great deal to the Computing Section, for the benefit of all.

As mentioned by Nick, the Letters column in the Journal gives recourse to reply to any comments about a paper, review or observation. Graham could take this route to support his book and his imaging techniques.

In the latest ‘Sky at Night’ Pete Lawrence demonstrated how beginners can take aesthetically pleasing images of the night sky with a ‘standard’ camera. Oh dear, but he didn’t explain how to take and apply dark frames and flat fields, etc. Should those scenes be re-shot with this vital information? Of course not!

We all started on that path, were pleased with our results, then found out that we could improve our images by stacking them, applying calibration, etc.

I hope Graham stays with us.

Clear skies,