Lots of observing!

Forums General Discussion 2020 – how was it for you? Lots of observing!

Paul G. Abel

Interesting post Jeremy! Well observationally it was very good for me.  We had a splendid Venus elongation and I got over 60 drawings (and the Section elongation report is waiting a slot in the Journal!)  Comet Neowise was a joy, quite wonderful to see that visually in the skies with the naked eye.  I have now 102 drawings of Mars- the spring months were exceptionally clear and although we’ve had a lot of cloud and rain in October and November, when it was clear the seeing has been excellent.  

Finally there have been my variables I have been following- SS Cygni as you know has been behaving very strangely.  Now we have the nova in Perseus which I have been following.  Two days ago I got a drawing of Einstein crater on the western limb of the Moon- my first view of the formation. So all in, as I’ve been at home more I’ve done a lot more observing this year! I feel I have done much more astronomy than I would normally do and the 12” Newtonian which I got last year for my 40th birthday has greatly extended what I can do!

Let us hope for a healthier 2021 and I’m sure we all look forward to going to live BAA events again and having a drink in the pub afterwards!

Best wishes,