M20210707_232840_Loughborou_SWP. A very long and bright “flare”

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Derek Robson

Loughborough camera picked up the longest “flare” I’ve detected.  The video triggered twice; first for a few seconds then for a much longer period.  I don’t know if this was due to cloud, or the way the thing flared.  There just seemed to be an abrupt halt then restart. 

I couldn’t see any hint of regular pulses along the trail, which makes me think it wasn’t a plane.  The smoothness of the silvery toned trail and spear-like nature made me think more like a flare.  I’ve not done any analysis on it yet.  If someone detected it further away from my location, then it isn’t a plane near me.

Alex drew this post to my attention, so I’ve posted the image here.

I’ve seen Starlink trains but always as dots following each other in a line.  I’m wondering if the dots that would have been visible by eye, have all merged to produce a composite trail.  Direction of movement, left to right. Camera points SW.