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Ian Kahler

Thank you gentlemen,,,, you both make a  good point. I will not dispute  my son’s decision to buy the  Celestron. I need portability because  I /we plan on travelling to locations on the  other side of  the  mountains to areas where  the  skies  are amazing and  very dark. I live  in Washington Sate in the  US, And  there are some  really good  observing sites.

I will admit to being skeptical due  to the  decisions I have  made  in the  past. I didn’t want to admit that the  telescope  was  NOT really good  quality… I was being cheap and  miserly lol. This  time I plan on being more  careful about quality. I am referring to the  eyepieces I will purchase  as  accessories. My son plans  on buying the  Celestron and  I must try and  bury my past skepticism, as  well as  lack of  knowledge and patience.