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Only just learnt of this very sad news. I got to know Maurice back in the 80’s, during the infancy of astronomical computing on the ‘home micro’. He was editor and contributor to APEX which had been set up primarily for the publication and exchange of computer programs of an astronomical nature, including ephemerides, telescope optics, and astronomical photography. I believe he was also co-founder of the group too. Many of you might remember his paperback, ZX Spectrum Astronomy, of which I still have my copy, and signed by him too.  For one reason and another, it was during this period, the second half of the eighties, that I got to know Maurice. There after we would often have a good chat at various astronomical meetings if we both happened to attend. Sadly, in recent years, I lost touch with Maurice, and despite attending more BAA meetings, I didn’t have the good fortune of seeing him. So this news come with great sadness for me. Maurice was a genuinely nice chap, and always willing to help the beginner. He will be very much missed. R I P Maurice