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Dr Paul Leyland

Much the same with me, but the other way round.  TheSkyX is installed but, strangely perhaps, prefer The Sky 6. MaximDL 6 is used for camera control, including guiding.  My experience is that it guides very well as long as there is a bright enough star within the field of the SBIG-8 / AO-7 AG combination.

For VS work I tend to take enough 30s subs to achieve an acceptable SNR and then move on to the next target.  MaxIm DL’s stacking function is invaluable for this.  Given that some variables can change by several magnitudes from night to night, my approach can save significant telescope time.  To avoid confusion: Maxim DL is used only as a first-look eyeballing procedure, not for final analysis where a local installation of and SWarp is used for stacking.