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Steve Holmes

Interested to read the comment from David Dunn, as I have recently tackled the Webmaster (Dominic) on what could be exactly the same request! The comment is ambiguous though as it doesn’t make it clear whether he means sort the entire members’ area or just the submissions of one member – as Jeremy points out, sorting the entire area is already possible. My comment to Dominic concerned just one member, as I pointed out that, currently, unless all the images of one observation were uploaded on precisely the same day they could not be seen together, as would seem desirable. My suggestion of “sort by subject” was rejected and my alternative suggestion that the default sort should be by date of observation rather than date of submission has yet to receive a reply, despite sending a reminder. As I pointed out, sort by date of observation would make scarcely any difference to the desire to keep the members’ area as an ongoing diary of current observations but, critically, would automatically group together images of the same observation uploaded on different days (maybe because some required extra processing). Any support for this idea?