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Steve Holmes

David Basey’s point about “old” observations cropped up in my discussion with Dominic, who said that the Members’ Pages section was purely intended to showcase current observations, not to act as an archive of past work. To have new posts of old observations at the head of a member’s images list (as they are at the moment) thus contravenes the basic premise: much better to have them in their correct chronological order, I would have thought. In fact, David contradicts himself in his post, as he says he wants to see “those observations that are new” but then mentions the difficulty in finding submissions of old observations if the images are in order of observation. I think we need to be clear here: a new posting of an old observation is not a new observation, and therefore should not be deemed “current work”. Indexing by date of observation allows easy access to genuinely new work; permits a member to construct an archive of work if that is what they wish, and allows images of the same observation submitted at different times to be seen together. I really cannot see any downsides!