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Steve Holmes

In response to the recent comments by Robin and Jeremy, please note that I have not suggested that the Members’ pages should be a database or archive of observations – I merely observed that some members seem to be using the pages in this fashion (by posting quite old observations – see post #6 from David Basey and my reply as post #7).

I would also remark that whereas Robin feels that the Members’ pages should be an “electronic pin board for members to put up what they like, when they like” this is clearly not the view of the webmaster, who told me that the idea was for the pages to be a “rolling diary” (private email, received 8th Jan) – quite a different beast. If a pin-board really was the original idea then I would suggest that the way the content of the pages is currently displayed in no way reflects this intention, because the default index by submission date can excessively separate the various postings. More suitable to have them all simply “tiled”, I would have thought (as per the result of doing a Search by category), as this would better reflect the essentially random nature of a pin-board. The current arrangement quite clearly assumes that the pages are intended to be a chronological record of observations. Until the contradiction between these two views is resolved I fear the pages will not effectively serve their intended purpose (whatever that is!).