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Jeremy Shears

Christian Knigge (U of Southampton) notes:

“I just wanted to flag up that we’re
currently still trying to follow the outburst of V627 Peg — one of the
closest WZ Sge stars that erupts only every 5 years (at best) and has
just recently gone off. I’m involved in a campaign to get X-ray,
ultraviolet and radio coverage of the outburst, alongside, of course,

The thing is really bright in outburst — V ~ 8-10 or so — so it’s
great for high-cadence photometry or even spectroscopy, for anybody who
has a spectrograph. For our campaign, any long sequences would be
useful. Ideally we’d have long runs covering the full outburst in 2
filters, say B and V.

In terms of spectra, time-resolved spectroscopy would be awesome — I’m
particularly interested in the transition from a pure absorption line
spectrum near plateau to a pure emission line spectrum in quiescence.
Where and how fast does this happen, and does it correlate with other
things happening at other wavelengths.

Christian “