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Bill Ward

Months on I’m still working through the Geminids 2017! This is a crop from the composite video image. 20171215:011300UT. (Correcting the smile is just another little challenge….)

However If you look to the left of the image the first two bright, closely spaced lines are the H and K ionised calcium lines. I am both surprised and extremely please to be getting this resolution with an objective mounted grating. Shows that a good fall of meteor across the fov (pretty much luck) can make a significant difference to the results! Considering some of the comments I’ve been exploring some new reduction strategies. Here’s a non instrument corrected spectrum with the line ID’s as best as I can tell.

If only all meteors were the same mass, traveling at the same velocity and were recorded in the zenith things would be just so much easier (but probably not as much fun!), sigh… ;-))