Robin Leadbeater

Hi Garion,

DSLR are very popular for astrophotography and it is possible to produce some stunning deep sky images with a DSLR used at prime focus (eg using a T ring and eyepiece adapter in place of the lens and mounting the camera in place of the eyepiece)

eg this website picked at random from the many out there

You ask if it will work with your reflector and there are two potential issues that you will need to check with your particular setup.

If you plan to use it at prime focus, you will need to check that you can reach focus. (This can be a problem with Newtonians and DSLR as you might not be able to wind the focuser in far enough to place the camera sensor at the telescope focal plane)  You can add a Barlow lens to get round this but this increases the focal length, making the stability and tracking capability of the mount more critical. 

You will need to test the stability of your mount and how well it will track. You might struggle with your Meade Polaris 130MD with its EQ3 mount and simple motor drive,  but the best way to find out is to try it.