Jeremy Shears

Hello Denis,

You raise an important point and one which the BAA website operations team discussed recently. One of our aims in establishing the BAA Members Pages is to create a sense of community among BAA members. It would certainly help in achieving that aim if people could use their real names.

When I first signed up for the BAA website years ago, I simply registered myself as “Jeremy”. Recently, I realised this was less than helpful when it comes to Members pages (and Forum postings for that matter).

Fortunately, it’s quite easy to update your name (I now appear as “Jeremy Shears”). Simply click the “Edit account details” button on your Members Page. This will then take you to your profile page. Near the bottom is a box which says “Full name”, with the explanation “Enter your full name, as you wish it to appear around the website (for example when you post to our forum). In order that other BAA members know who they’re talking to, please do not use nicknames or aliases”.

It would be great if people could update their names in this way.

All the best,