New Streetlights – Baffles?

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David Perkin

New LED lights were installed a few months ago here, replacing an eclectic mixture of sodium and incandescents of various ages.

I can’t make an informed judgement of the effect since there have been so few clear, dark nights this summer and autumn. However, my current impression is that a certain reddish tint to the night sky has gone but overall, the effect may be negative since the Milky Way has not been the impressive sight it was sometimes last year.

The downside for me personally is that the new light fittings have four “bulbs” and are wider than the old ones, leading the new light near our house to shine further into the back garden than its predecessor – it shines directly towards my observatory, carefully sited in the (previous) darkest part of the garden. SO I am very interested in what markjones and petabosley said about baffles. Any advice in how to request them from the Local Authority and on whether there is any prescriptive right to have them installed would be gratefully received.


David Perkin