Newsletter 24: Eclipse Predictions Using Pre-Ptolemaic Theory

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Karl Herzog

As a new member of the BAA, I was pleased to have my review of a newly designed LEGO model of the Antikythera Mechanism featured in the Newsletter of the Historical Section.  Thanks to Mike Frost for his help to a “newbie”.

Apart from LEGO models of the Mechanism, I have built a PowerPoint 2013 model to share with the Association:

A presentation on ‘Predicting Solar Eclipses 2021-2070 with an “Antikythera Mechanism-Like” Model’ can be downloaded from the historical section’s download area:

This is a PowerPoint 2013 slide show file (.ppsx) which includes the interactive model for eclipse prediction as well as discussion of the Greeks’ eclipse theories and an introduction to the gearing of the Antikythera Mechanism.  (This file may also execute properly with Open Office Libre, although I am not certain.)

The model is shown to predict solar and non-penumbral lunar eclipses for the fifty years: 2021-2070 with remarkable accuracy using Greek theory from the era of Hipparchus.