Nick, do you mind sending me

Maxim Usatov

Nick, do you mind sending me the FITS file with this data? You are likely clicking on sources that didn’t have any photometry fits at all, i.e. appearing without circles surrounding them. This means that the IRAFStarFinder procedure didn’t detect a point source at this location. You should get a full photometry result if you click on a source with circle surrounding it. I initially thought that it could be that some of your sources are below the default 10-sigma detection limit, but I can see that some of the brighter sources weren’t detected as well, so we probably need to introduce another adjustment to the algorithm. Maybe something up with roundness. Would like to play with this FITS data to resolve this.  

On the ensemble fit – yes, you are correct, the brightest magnitudes are in the lower left corner. Do you think we should invert the axes?