Noisy event 1962 onwards adjacent to Wembley Stadium.

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stan armstrong

A time between the ‘Bay of Pigs’ and the ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’ that I now largely remember as a Blur Alan.

The ‘4 Minute Warning’ was an everyday Threat and I was living in a House on the SW Side of the Stadium.

However,  I will never forget  one late evening, hearing a very loud noise and rushing out into our small Avenue, to see some Neighbours opposite in their small front Garden.. They told me something had fallen in their garden with a loud noise. With my Army and RAF Service behind me, I slowly moved  Geraniums and other plants and found a ‘Steaming Dull Black Rock’ around the size of 1/4 Brick . At that time In my Career, I was in charge of  Radiography Training and hence Radiation Danger was prominent in my day to day work. I borrowed a Bamboo Cane and pushed the Rock to the housewall and said I would visit them the next day as possibly something from an Aircraft. As it happens, I also undertook Urgent Field Work and was possibly miles away for the next week or so..hence the incident faded from my immediate concerns. Time to time have thought of describing on NEMETODE Network and had almost got round to mentioning to Alex, so now just a possibility that our two recollections relate to the same event Alan?