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Rodger King

Although dewing and the desiccant sounded the potential problem, it turned out to be something else. 

As I dismantled the camera off my telescope to prepare to dry the desiccant, I noticed the fiield flattener I was using on my refractor looked a little dirty.  However, when I tried to clean it it seems the dirt is caught between layers of the flattener I cannot reach.  See image.

Oddly the appearance of this dirt varies and a stable room temperature looks like it completely disappears.  Must be at its worst when its super cooled ?

So I redid my flats with the field flattener removed and the images are all fine and do not change over time.  So no need to dry the desiccant.

However I have had to send the field flattener back to the company I bought it from to be professional cleaned.

Still very grateful to you for your advice though.