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David Boyd

Last night, 3rd August, I measured Nova Vul 2021 at V=10.97, B-V=1.14, almost a magnitude fainter than 48 hrs before and slightly redder. As Robin said, there has been a big change in the spectrum over recent days.

The following LISA spectrum (R~1062) was calibrated in absolute flux using this V magnitude and response corrected with the B9III MILES star HD192907 recorded at the same airmass as the mid-time of the nova spectrum. H-alpha has a strong P-Cyg absorption dip at -320 km/s which now falls within the much broader ~3000 km/s FWZI of the line. FeII multiplets 42, 49 and 74 are prominent with just-resolved P-Cyg dips. There are also emission features at ~5526A, ~5662A and ~7117A, all with P-Cyg dips, which I have not been able to identify in the WIlliams list of nova emission lines. Suggestions?