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M C Butcher

As has been the case for the last 3 years or so the observing statistics for Colonsay in the Inner Hebrides have been poor. During 2015 I was only able to observe on 4 nights for a total of 11 hours. By way of explanation the 2 major problems here are cloud (the last year was an exceptionally cloudy one) and wind (often, but not always, associated with cloud). During the year we experienced severe winds on the following number of days:

Gale Force 8 (sustained winds of 39 mph and over or gusts of 49 mph or more) – 50

Severe Gale Force 9 (sustained 47 mph or more or gusts of 59 mph or more) – 26

Storm Force 10 (sustained 55 mph or more or gusts of 69 mph or more) – 8

Violent Storm Force 11 (sustained 64 mph or more or gusts of 78 mph or more) – 1

Martin Butcher

Isle of Colonsay