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Gary Poyner

Happy New Year Jeremy, and all BAA members.

2017 has been a bad year observing wise for me – the worst since 2012 and the sixth worse since my records began in 1978.  Graph here if anyone is interested.

Here are the numbers…

25 totally clear nights (50% or less cloud) and 61 partially clear (50% or more cloud) = 86 observing opportunites from Brum.  These include evenings and mornings.  A total of 183.6 hours were spent at the eyepiece during the year.

Best month March, 2 clear and 10 partially clear

Worst month February, 1 clear and 2 partially clear

Of the 86 observable nights during the year, 42 had Moonlight of varying irritations.  The local Met office had incorrect forecasts for cloud cover on 59 nights of the year (16%).  My weather owl perfoms better!

Lets hope for a clearer 2018.