Observing stats for 2018

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David Boyd

During 2018 I was able to obtain photometry and/or spectroscopy on 111 nights out of 261 when I was at home and available to observe. Assuming this proportion was representative of the whole year, this suggests observations would potentially have been possible on 42.5% of nights during the year (in South Oxfordshire). This is very close to my average over the past 14 years (42.1%) so for me 2018 was a very average year. The best months were May (61.5%) and August (60.0%), the worst March (22.7%) and December (21.7%). My records show 14,890 photometry measurements and 2,663 spectra recorded during the year. Although not nearly as noteworthy as Gary’s visual observation record, I see my photometry measurements passed the 400,000 mark during the year.

Best wishes for clear(er) skies during 2019.