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Tony Rodda

I tend to agree with Andrew(S) and Nick.  I behave like Peter(C).  I’m jealous of what Gary can do with regard to visual variable observations.  And, I aspire to Grant and Andrew(R) – but family life usually intervenes.

I must confess however that I occasionally get lost (with a pair of binoculars) in the way that David(S) and Peter(M) describe.

And yes, David(A), I definitely don’t do “suffering”.  One day I threaten to post a picture of me in my full Parka outfit (with water bottle strapped to my chest!).

From my perspective, the ‘scope, etc are “a means to an end” I’m afraid. The equipment is there to gather data with which to further my understanding and perhaps make a small contribution to the science that is astronomy.

But I think this post shows the richness of, and variation in, an astronomical community, and for me that’s been a great delight too.