Only about 50Kg all in.

Forums General Discussion Well here it is – the new Obsy Only about 50Kg all in.

Tony Rodda

Hi Grant,

Without the need for roofing felt (which would have added another 20Kg!) it’s less than 50Kg including the barge boards.  Which I don’t think is bad. The weight was bumped up a bit by extra wooden battens for bracing and, of course, the castors, etc. But nothing dramatic.  The roof height was only raised about 3 inches.

The whole thing is easily manageable.  I can push it up the ‘slope’ single handed – and I’m 5′ 4″ and 10.5 stone dripping wet. Left to its own devices it’ll roll slowly down on its own. The slope is only about 7 degrees.  Enough to avoid standing water but not so steep so as to cause weightlifting type effort to get it back.

I’ve already rigged an old 10Kg counter weight vertically on a pulley inside the shed which almost negates any effort.

Literally 30 seconds to close and secure (once the mount is ‘homed’) and another 30 to close the ‘gates’.

I need to give a bit of thought to the rear barge board which, because of the need for a good weather seal, just clips the rear wall as it goes over the top.  I can’t decide on a hinged board or just a rubber trim but since I haven’t yet had any water ingress despite several heavy downpours I might just leave it be.

My only issue is what to do with the water that runs off the front during rain!