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Dr Paul Leyland

I don’t (yet) know the answer to the question as asked but have you considered running a local server?  It’s markedly faster and more reliable than using in my experience and relatively easy to set up.  There’s a Windoze version called ansvr (Google is your friend!) but it’s a large download because you get a cygwin installation thrown in for free so all the required Linux programs are available.  The data files are another big download, especially if you use the latest 5000 series indexes which are based on GAIA-DR2, but all this lot only has to be done once.  If you already run Linux life is markedly easier in this regard as only base software and the indexes need downloading.  I’ve not regretted installing ansrv for MaximDL’s benefit.

I also use AIJ (though I’m now more enamoured of APT) so I’ll research your actual question.

I’m also happy to provide (free, best-efforts) consultancy via email.