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Lars Lindhard

Here are some of the positions

Print 1

 Center of picture is   RA 07h 24m 23s     Dec  +63˚ 55’ 43”   East is up.

 Print 2

 Center of picture is  RA  02h 12m 24s  Dec  +66˚ 18’ 07”  North is up

  Print 5

 Center of picture is  RA  02h 14m 06s  Dec  +67˚ 33’ 51”  North is up.

  Print 6

 Center of picture is  RA 22h 49m 25s  Dec  +41˚ 53’ 58”  East is up.

 Bright star just to te right of comet is 2 And.  

 Print 7

 Center of picture is  RA 22h 35m 16s  Dec +39˚ 41’ 38”  East is up. The image is inverted.

Same field as print 6

Print 8

 Center of picture is  RA  08h 19m 23s  Dec +61˚ 42’ 24s  WSW is up.  Field is 45’ x 58’

 Bright star above comet is HD 68988

  Print 9

 Center of image is  RA 20h 26m 30s  Dec  +59˚ 30’ 47”  East is up.

  Print 11

 Center of image is  RA 20h 46m 31s  Dec  +57˚  27’ 25”  East is up.  Same field as print 9