Possibility of amatuer exoplanet discoveries

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Eric Watkins

Whilst I agree with Dominic’s general comments with regard to Roger’s enthusiasm I believe it to still be possible for amateurs to discover  exoplanets. Less sophisticated projects such as Kelt North and South are finding them.  Amateurs could set up similar type of surveys – I’m in the process of doing so.  Hardware is straight forward, but finding the software to collect and interrogate the long term time photometry series is a bit of  a problem. 

I have seen two such simple surveys that have turned up numerous new variable stars and I think suspect exoplanets.  TESS has also reached out to amateurs to chase up suspect candidates to weed out false +ves and period determination.

So whilst I agree it is a challenge I think hot Jupiter discoveries could be possible. Though not in the same field,  despite all the surveys being carried out super nova, asteroids and comets are still being discovered by amateurs