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Gary Poyner

I’ve never waited 32 years to see a star for the second time before – but it was worth the wait.  On 1988 March 28 I made my first observation of PQ And, detected by my fellow BAAVSS observer and friend Dave McAdam a week before.  Tried from the BAA Winchester weekend at Kings Alfred’s college without luck on the 26 & 27, although the skies were very clear – no scopes about!  My mag on the 28th was 11.6.  By April 13 it had faded to mag 13.0 when I lost it in the NW evening sky. 

Three decades later and here I am at 3am in the morning, balancing my trusty old 22cm dobby on a garden table, peering over the hedge to pick out this 10th mag dot low in the NE sky, and hoping the local cat doesn’t jump up, knock everything over and wake up the neighbours – and worse, my wife!!!  I have to admit I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever see it again, yet there it was.   Couldn’t sleep when I eventually got to bed – too excited.   VS are brilliant things to observe.