Pre-owned ?

Robin Leadbeater

Hi Tony

I remember a few early design L200s coming as people upgraded to the LHIRES (The early L200s had some issues, eg no guider, crude adjustable slit).  The commercially manufactured version appeared to address those issues and was priced way below the LHIRES but probably too low as the company involved soon pulled out of this area so I am not sure if many were ever delivered.  Also the L200 could not reach the higher resolution of the LHIRES using a 2400l/mm grating due to the mechanical design.

If I remember correctly the original LHIRES kit of parts cost around 1500 Euro with two gratings in 2006. The cost of a LHIRES today is much higher and I expect without factoring in your time you could make one cheaper as the commercial price includes the assembly costs and there have been various improvements made over the original design and of course it has to carry its share of the costs of running a sustainable business and future developments. (AFAIK Francois and Olivier are not sailing big yachts and driving around in Ferrari’s!)